Old Fisherman


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Old Fisherman Slot

We’re going to be totally honest and inform you that we thought this game would have a horror theme when we first read its title. After all, an Old Fisherman does work as the antagonist in the I Know What You Did Last Summer movie series. However, that’s not what this Bally Wulff slot offers as a theme. It actually provides a slot that is true to its title. It’s basically about an Old Fisherman. And he’s heading out to sea to try and catch a big batch of fish. He’d like to take you with him on this trip out on the waters. Of course, he will challenge you to try and catch more fish than he can. The only question is, do you accept such a challenge or not? Well, if the answer to that question is a positive one, allow us to shed some more light on this game. You see, you’re going to need more than just plain old skill to rope in more fish than the Old Fisherman. But fortunately, Bally Wulff has made sure to add a few extra specialities into this game in order to assist with this. So, let’s find out exactly how to pull in a shawl load of fish and beat out the fisherman at his own game.