Kashmir Gold


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Kashmir Gold Slot

This is a wonderfully executed game and is certainly one of EGT’s gems. Kashmir Gold provides some neat, colorful graphics, alongside interesting animations and decent sound effects to go with them. The game is full of Hindu symbols and even offers a range of Indian wildlife icons. The deep violet background makes for an enchanting setting, coupled with the mysterious black and white checkerboard floor. And the fine gold lining of the reels, as well as the gold pillars that mark the paylines set a marvelous contrast. It’s a truly stylish design, which will leave you inspecting every detail in between the spins. From the blinking and roaring Bengal tiger, to the graceful peacock, shaking his majestic tale. There are also depictions of what we can only assume are and Indian prince and princess, who look stunning in this layout. Then there’s the typical depiction of the Hindu deity Ganesha, or rather a statue of him. Of course, the sacred animal of India – the cow is naturally present on the reels. An image of the four-armed central god of Hinduism Vishnu will also be there to greet you. And an old book, together with a richly decorated vase give that feel of antiquity and splendor.