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Sirens Slot

The ancient Greek mythology surrounding the Sirens is something which has lasted down the ages. Often these dangerous legendary creatures are credited with being the inspiration behind the legend of mermaids and many other deep sea myths. No matter the truth, the tales tell that these beautiful but deadly females lured sailors and ships to their doom with their singing voices promising to fulfill their wildest dreams. Being lured into a slot game and finding your bankroll, rather than your ship, in ruins has happened to many a slot player over the years and this is just one reason we love this cheeky reference inside what is otherwise a stock ancient Greece themed slot game.

It will be hauntingly familiar to many land based casino players too, this was originally produced with and for IGT. As with many other land based IGT games H5G have designed and optimised this slot for online play now and there is a bespoke mobile version for those who play exclusively at mobile casinos. With a mild graphics update have High 5 Games done enough to make this a lasting legend or will this slot fade into the annals of slot gaming myth? Time to set sail and find out what the rewards are for hunting down the Sirens!