Hot Chance


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Hot Chance Slot

Hot Chance sounds like a very positive slot game to play. It seems as though you will have multiple chances, or hot chances, to form winning combinations. However, upon loading the game up, it won’t actually appear like such is possible. It’s a very generic and classic slot game, featuring basic graphics and colours. Of course, this one has no managed to escape the terror of the arcade soundtrack from Novomatic either. And the graphics of the icons on the game’s paytable look much better than the ones visible on the actual reels, for some reason. Overall, we were quite let down by the general title behind this game and then to see its actual reels and imagery. However, we’re not ones to drop out of playing a slot from first looks. So, let’s take a look at the game a little bit more in depth. Join us, as we find out if there really is a Hot Chance of winning in this slot.