Mystic Secrets


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Mystic Secrets Slot

Imagine that you’re travelling through your kingdom on horseback, when all of a sudden you’re brought to a halt by the king’s guards. You’re taken to the palace and the king gives you the task of finding his princess daughter. However, in order to do so, you will have to face many trials and tribulations. You take the decision to go ahead with the task. After all, if you rescue the princess, she will be yours to marry. One thing that the king hasn’t made you aware of, is that his kingdom hides some Mystic Secrets. Of course, you will only discover these as your quest goes on. On the whole, this game is very nicely designed. It features a strong set of graphics, both upon the reels and as part of its background. It’s a little bit unfortunate that Novomatic couldn’t come up with a better soundtrack for it. However, overall, it’s a decent enough game to play