Quest for Gold


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Quest for Gold Slot

If you’re a big fan of the Indiana Jones movies, then Quest for Gold should definitely satisfy your appetite for slots with such a theme. In fact, it doesn’t just incorporate this kind of theme into the game in general. It also uses the same kind of font as the film for its title logo. So, you can draw your own conclusions as to where it gets its influence from. However, we’re not falling for anything other than Indiana Jones tribute. Of course, you don’t get to see Harrison Ford appear on the reels, but there is a character who provides the same kind of imagery as him. The icons all provide decent graphics, while gameplay is also quite a solid feature. The only real downside to this slot is the inclusion of the Novomatic arcade music. This adds absolutely nothing to the theme or design of the game, so it just seems to float around as a misplaced extra. But, let’s find out what the slot does provide to players.