Unicorn Magic


$7,777 welcome package
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Unicorn Magic Slot

It’s quite a sorry sight when you see slot developers recreating the same thing over and over. And while this might not be so bad as far as a game’s theme goes, it’s quite inexcusable for them to utilise exactly the same imagery. As soon as we began playing the Unicorn Magic slot from Novomatic, we knew instantly that we’d seen its icons somewhere before. But where? Well, you don’t need to search too far, because you’ll find them in at least two other Novomatic slots. They’re exactly the same images, right down to the graphics that they utilise. One note that Novomatic should take notice of, is never simply copy and paste from one place to another. It wouldn’t be so bad if the company chose to incorporate some alternative special features. However, these are also exactly the same. Basically, they’ve taken one of their slots and simply given it another name to pass it off as something different.