Legacy of the Wild


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Legacy of the Wild Slot

Legacy of the Wild, as a game title, actually makes us think of stepping into the wild lands of Africa. Animals on the run. Sights to see everywhere. Grassy plains. The heat of the sun beaming down. In actuality, Legacy of the Wild from Playtech has absolutely nothing to do with this. Instead, it takes you on a journey through the fantasy genre. You’ll get to experience wizards unleashing their powers, witches crafting spells and supernatural goings on. It’s actually a very nice offering from the developer, even if we’re not really sure what the title has to do with the theme from first looks. But, as it stands, there are some very impressive graphics on display in the game for you to see. Furthermore, it offers up some rarely seen special features, so it makes everything wrap together exceptionally nicely. So, if you’re ready to witness all of the wonders and dangers of the fantasy world, Legacy of the Wild could be just the game for you.