Penguin Vacation


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Penguin Vacation Slot

We’ve often wondered, where do penguins actually go on vacation to? We thought that maybe this Playtech slot would be able to give us the answers. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t. You see, it takes you to the North Pole where penguins actually dwell normally. However, as it stands, the idea behind this slot, is to show the penguins having a fun break from their daily routines. After all, you don’t need to travel to another country in order to be on vacation. And now comes the question of, what exactly do penguins do while they’re on vacation? Fortunately, that’s where this slot does give some fun insight into a penguin holiday. Whether it be ice fishing or taking photographs of their favourite landmarks, this slot explains all! And it does so with only the best in high quality graphics on display. Obviously, we don’t expect anything less from Playtech. So, let’s have a closer look at the activities of a penguin on holiday, shall we?