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Vaino Slot

Let’s pause and take point with this slot game before we start reviewing it. After all, Vaino is quite a strange title for a game to have, right? Well, allow us to inform you a little bit on what it all means. Vaino is actually a masculine Estonian given name as well as being a surname. There have been just a few notable people in history with this name, including Vaino Vahing (an Estonian writer, prosaist, psychiatrist and playwright) and Vaino Väljas (a former Soviet politician born in Estonia). However, in this online slot game, Vaino is the name of the main character. He will stand by the side of the reels, watching your every move. However, in this slot, he is actually a Finnish character, where the name is spelt Väinö. And the full title of the game is Väinö & vuorenpeikon aarteet, which translates to Väinö and the Treasures of the Mountain. And that’s exactly the kind of setting that you’ll get in this slot. It’s part fantasy, part mystery, part history, part baltic. It’s got a little bit of everything thrown in for good measure.