High 5 Games
High 5 Games is one of the most unusual online casino software providers supplying the industry today. Not only do High 5 Games have a large selection of unique games. With a massive focus on bespoke individual game themes and 3D animation work, they also produce a size able selection of free to play online slots, land based casino machines and their very own online casino which is also free to play. Based in New York since 1995, they are also unique in being a US based game provider, which offers online slots to US players, indeed they serve almost every market in the world in some form or another and recently opened offices in the UK. As so many of the games are available with free demo modes it is one of the safest ways to learn how slots play before gambling for real, with the quality of their games you also get to have a lot of fun in the process.

High 5 Games Selection
You might think that given all the different areas High 5 Games are involved in that their selection in each field would be narrow, you would be wrong though, the whole portfolio has decent depth. The company has more than 150 online slot games in its catalogue, backed up by more than 100 games specifically optimised for mobile play and over one hundred titles for land based casinos too!

The latter includes some of their licensed titles with major casino software providers such as Sigma Gaming, WMS, Caesars Gaming, the giant Hasbro company and land casino developer IGT with titles like Golden Goddess . Whilst this may seem a little smaller than some game providers in terms of overall volume, bear in mind this company prides itself on each online slot game having its own individually designed theme, backstory, audio and visuals, the numbers suddenly become very impressive when you think how hard that is to actually do.

High 5 Games – Social Media Giants

In 2012 High 5 Games took their online casino presence to the next level by launching their games on Facebook and via their own online casino where players can play for free from around the world, including the USA. The games offered on their social and real money sites are designed with mobile play in mind and are fully optimised for use with both iOS and Android devices, you can play anytime, anywhere from almost any device at a variety of mobile casinos.

Once you sign up to their free play casino website, the play works very simply, much like many other of the most popular free to play online social media games their slots are issued with a limited amount of initial free credits, then every few hours more free credits are added to your account. For players in jurisdictions where¬†real¬†cash online play isn’t allowed, or those wanting to enjoy slots without any risk, this is the leading site out there by a massive margin in terms of both quality and quantity of the offering.

Technology & Innovation

High 5 Games, by leveraging an eclectic mix of staff, from designers to technicians, are able to draw ideas, features and design cues from multiple areas and combine them to produce some of the most popular slot online games on the market today, the biggest at the moment include Gypsy, Empress of Time and The Amulet and the Charm.

Having their games available free to play on social media and a variety of game sites allows customers to experience the games and the way they play long before they go to play them for real cash rewards on the casino floor, be that at a virtual or land based casino.

This novel strategy enables them to do a lot more than create unique game themes, they even own patents on some very interesting game-play mechanics and features including the very well followed 99-ways to win Connect-A-Pay Technology, it becomes very easy to understand why so many big name software companies are queuing up to collaborate with them.

Reputable & Fair
The very nature of High 5 Games slots being so widely available and across so many mediums whilst being physically based in the US means that they have to maintain extremely high standards. With their interests ranging from Facebook slots, land casino machines, online slots and their own online casino site they simply have to be above reproach as they are constantly in the industry spotlight.

When all is said and done this is one of the market leaders in modern online gaming, respected within the industry and loved by their growing legions of slot gaming fans. They provide a little something for everyone and it seems the company will only go from strength to strength in the years to come.