Flying Horse


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Flying Horse Slot

Believe it or not, this game is not about the flying horse known as Pegasus. If that was your first thought when you read the title of it, join the club. However, this slot tells the tale of a metaphorical flying horse. After all, horses cannot actually soar through the air. Instead, it refers to a horse that can run so swiftly that it appears to be flying. At least, that’s what we can make out from the imagery within the slot. Regardless of its background theme, Flying Horse offers up some very nice graphics. This is especially true of its range of different symbols. And while these aren’t anything specifically special, they do make for a nice part of the game. Furthermore, you’ll get to see one or two extra bonus rounds in play while you’re spinning the game’s reels. All in all, Flying Horse provides gamers with a visual treat and endless hours of gameplay in one.