Hot Neon


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Hot Neon Slots

This slot is certainly one with a traditional feel, featuring many of the classic fruit machine symbols on the reels. These include cherries, melons, lemons and the red sevens – in fact if the single, double and treble bars also occupied the reels, the set would be complete. However, each of the symbols has a very different look to what you would usually expect. Instead of the solid coloured symbols on white backed reels, here you’ll find each symbol with the same basic design but with an added neon glow, where they would certainly be visible when the lights go down. The highlight of the game is the very profitable free spins round which you’ll certainly be more than happy to activate.

The overall look of the slot is a little minimalistic, where the focus is on the game itself, without added embellishments. The neon style symbols add a nice splash of colour to the black backed reels, this enhanced by the win line markers found either side of the reels. The title of the slot is perhaps the most impressive visual aspect, this designed in purple neon, with red and orange flames shooting out of the ‘O’ of the title. The accompanying sound is basic but effective, where you’ll hear the whirring of the reels, the clunk when they come to a stop and the beeps and jingling of coins when you win – these certainly replicating the classic fruit machine feel.