Book of Romeo and Julia


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Book of Romeo and Julia Slot

We’re all aware of the story about Romeo and Juliet, no doubt. But, how about the tale of Romeo and Julia? No? Well, fortunately, Bally Wulff is able to fill you in on this story. In actuality, it doesn’t differ any to the original story. Romeo finds a girl. Falls in love with her. Families are at war. Romeo sleeps and Julia believes he’s dead. She kills herself. He wakes, finds her dead and then kills himself properly. We’ve always thought that Romeo and Juliet was one of Shakespeare’s most bizarre tragedies. Of course, it was written quite early on in his career, so we can forgive him for the weirdness. This slot game brings forth Julia into Romeo’s life, rather than Juliet though. However, it does it in a very appealing way, with high quality graphics and gameplay both being present. And just like the twists and turns in the original story about Romeo and his love life, this game has a couple of special twists for you to experience. So, let’s find out more about this game and discover whether it’s a tragedy or not!