Sumo Kitty


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Sumo Kitty Slot Machine

It’s not often that you’ll have the opportunity of spending a portion of your day with a sumo wrestling cat, but this slot by Bally gives you that very chance! The ‘Sumo Kitty’ stands above the slot in total command and even though he looks asleep and is breathing heavily, he isn’t really as the occasional lifting of an eye lid shows. Upon achieving a win, the Kitty will perform a sumo move and make the entire slot shake, so it’s clear this slot has a good sense of fun.

Graphically the game is good, although the look is slightly different from a standard slot as there are no reels as such, the symbols stopping on a black background. The game has a definite cartoon feel and it works very well, especially during the bonus feature where the Kitty explodes into life. The symbols in the game include the Kitty himself, the Yin and Yang symbol, a fish, a tree and a flower. The sound when playing the game is an uplifting little tune and is interspersed with appropriate gong noises and sounds from the Kitty himself, as well as him exclaiming ‘Big Win’!

You’ll notice when first playing that the slot is very tall with a lot of room above the reels. This is because of the hot zones feature where a shape will fall from the top of the screen and possibly land on the slot, the shapes reminiscent of the 1980’s video game Tetris.