Jewel in the Crown


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Jewel in the Crown Slot

Imagine that you’re just about to ascend to the royal throne. Your ceremony is in its midst. People are watching as you get to take your rightful place as king or queen. The choirs are singing. The day is going swimmingly. As you take your seat upon the throne, the golden crown is brought towards you. It shimmers in the light of day. It is laid out before you. Your eyes see it in all of its pristine glory. But then, a flaw! There’s a jewel missing! You cannot hide your astonishment and surprise! Someone’s head is going to roll for this! It’s not up to you to find the missing jewel in the crown. And while that might not be the premise behind this Barcrest slot, we’d like to think it is. After all, it certainly provides a much more entertaining back story than just being another slot about gemstones. So, let’s take a look what’s in this slot in order to help you find the missing jewel.