Once Upon a Rhyme


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Once Upon a Rhyme Slot

What are some of the best things that you can remember from your childhood? One of ours are the multitude of nursery rhymes that we were told by our parents and grandparents. The one about the old lady who lived in a shoe, or the three men in a tub, or the cow jumping over the moon. They’ve stuck with us for two reasons. Reason one, is because they were said to us so much that they’re completely ingrained on our brains. And reason two, is because they are so silly and strange, that how could anybody ever forget such tales? Fortunately, even if you have forgotten some of them, Blueprint Gaming will make sure tht it doesn’t happen again. This is all thanks to the creation of the company’s Once Upon a Rhyme slot offering. The game incorporates multiple different nursery rhyme characters, doing so with stellar graphics on display. And not only that, but you’ll get to hear a quirky and enchanting piece of music play when you spin the reels.