40 Shining Jewels


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40 Shining Jewels Slot

After fruit icons, gemstones and jewels are one of the most popular slot additions around. And it’s exactly the kind of imagery that Casino Technology has chosen to incorporate into this game. 40 Shining Jewels provides you with some fairly nice graphics and gameplay. Overall, from a first impression point of view, it looks okay. However, there are so many other slots available online with crisper imagery, that it’s hard to really push this one forward in such an area. The graphics of this game seem to be somewhat pixelated and don’t display so well on a smaller screen. If you’re playing it in full screen mode, it’s a little bit better. However, on the whole, it’s not so impressive. However, the developer has tried to make the most of its downfalls, and has instead chosen to add a couple of special features into the game. These do help to make it somewhat more interesting, although the specialities are quite generic, it has to be said. But, let’s see what the game brings to light.