Bye Bye Spy Guy


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Bye Bye Spy Guy Slot

Have you ever thought of taking on the role of a spy? Getting secret jobs to do where you can’t be recognised and you need to have the utmost care and attention to your work. Well, perhaps you don’t have to go to all of the trouble of training to be so covert. Instead, you can access the Casino Technology game known as Bye Bye Spy Guy. You’ll get to become your own private eye, using cameras, magnifying glasses and much more to find clues and answers. You’ll also need to talk cryptically to various different suspects, in order to get the full picture of what’s been going on. And of course, with it being a slot game from Casino Technology, you’ll get to do all this in the highest quality of graphics. It does seem a little bit unfortunate that the game doesn’t have a more apt soundtrack. Instead, it has had one of the developer’s regular sets of sounds added to it. However, this is a minor gripe. What you will find that it has though, is a couple of intriguing special features to make gameplay more exciting. All in all, on a first impression point of view, the game is very appealing.