Carats Whisper


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Carats Whisper Slot

We have to admit, that we love online slot games that take us back in time. Regardless of which century, which location or which civilisation it is, we’re always thrilled to play such games. With Carats Whisper from Casino Technology, you’ll be taken back to Victorian times. And along with several characters that appear on the game’s reels, you’ll be going in search of a precious diamond. However, this is not like some big adventure game. Instead, you’ll be seeking the diamond out in the most curtly fashion. As you bypass all of these people on the streets, you’ll give them a nod of your head. A tip of your hat. A shake of the hand. And then when they’re out of sight, you’ll continue your hunt. You see, the Victorian age brought forth a lot of nobility towards other people. The question is, which of these people do you want to join forces with in order to find the diamond? Let’s take a look at Carats Whisper to discover more about its inclusive special features and setup.