Duck of Luck Returns


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Duck of Luck Returns Slot

The original Duck of Luck game was a big success for Casino Technology. Merging the idea of a duck with the theme of China was an odd one, it has to be said. But, the slot was certainly a hit with gamers, so the developer chose to create a follow on. In this one, appropriately given the title of Duck of Luck Returns, we have to wonder what has been done differently. After all, from a first impression point of view, it looks pretty much like the same game. However, this is not actually the case. Casino Technology has instead chosen to upgrade the game. And while it does bring back some similar imagery to the first incarnation, there are some new features in it as well. Again, we still don’t really understand the merging of the two themes, but who cares? The game provides entertainment on a number of levels. And, of course, the developer has also made sure to include its own range of high quality graphics. Which gives it both gameplay appeal and visual appeal in one.