Gaelic Warrior


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Gaelic Warrior Slot

The word, ‘Gaelic’ can relate to many things. As an adjective, it usually means “pertaining to the Gaels”. Meanwhile, as a noun, it can refer to the group of languages that are spoken by the Gaels. In actuality, this group of people were native to northwestern Europe. They are always associated with the Gaelic languages – a branch of the Celtic languages comprising Irish, Manx and Scottish Gaelic. It’s usually the Irish and the Scots who are referred to as the Gaels. However, the scope of those nationalities is more complex in this day and age. The culture and language began in Ireland before extending to Dál Riata in western Scotland. It is this group of people who become the centre of attention in this Casino Technology slot, with its apt title of Gaelic Warrior. Of course, they were known for being quite savage warriors of their lands, giving this slot its entire theme. Fortunately, with it being a game brought to our screens by Casino Technology, it contains some impressive graphics. And alongside this, the overall gameplay is great as well.