Golden Acorn


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Golden Acorn Slot

There’s little better in life than strolling through a quiet woodland. The sights, sounds and smells of nature being all around you. Animals could appear from any tree, any bush, within any of the grass. And thousands upon thousands of different species of plant life can come into view around every turn. However, imagine that you’re in the middle of a wooded area, when all of a sudden something falls in front of you. It seems to shimmer in the cracks of light that manage to pierce through the canopy of trees. Upon closer investigation, you discover that it’s an acorn. But, not just any old acorn. A golden acorn! Such a sight to behold in the middle of the woods! And that’s basically the idea behind this Casino Technology slot game. Of course, this game comes to our screens with the utmost precision in graphics on display. So, you’ll always have a thoroughly entertaining offering from this developer with Golden Acorn. And further to this, it makes sure to present you with some special inclusive features as well!