Magician Dreaming


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Magician Dreaming Slot

Magicians can often be seen as curious oddities to everyday people. And if the visuals in this slot are to be believed, they have some pretty bizarre imagery in their heads when they dream. Magician Dreaming manages to merge the physically terrifying with the minimally quirky and bring them together. It is this group of imagery that form the game’s selection of different icons. Now, this slot all seems to take place at the circus, although that’s not the only place that you’re able to see magic acts. However, because this one has a circus scenario, we really hoped to hear some circus tunes in there. Unfortunately, every time you spin the reels, you’re met with a generic set of Casino Technology sounds. It’s quite disappointing when a game has such striking visuals, but fails to deliver in other areas. This is a minor gripe of ours when it comes to most games from this developer. However, let’s push on to find out what delights Magician Dreaming holds.