Treasure Hill


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Treasure Hill Slot

Let’s face it, Treasure Hill could incorporate pretty much any kind of theme with a title like that. However, you’ll understand instantly what kind of theme it’s going for. The Irish theme, of course. What else? Now, as we all know, this is one such genre of slot game that has been done to death. And there are some great slot games out there to incorporate this into their reels. So, it’s going to take something special to really make a mark on the genre. Treasure Hill unfortunately doesn’t leave much of an impact as far as this is concerned. Rather, it presents a fairly basic slot game with basic additional features. That’s not to say that it’s especially bad one way or the other, but it’s just one that is bound to get lost in the shuffle. One of its redeeming qualities is its great selection of inbuilt graphics though. And of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the team at Casino Technology. So, it does have one or two appealing parts to it. However, with a slot theme that is so abundant, we can’t help but bypass this one at first glance.