Genius of Leonardo


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Genius of Leonardo Slot

Surprisingly atypical for EGT, from the name to the layout, the Genius of Leonardo slot brings a bit more color and diversity to the table. As tribute to one of humanity’s greatest scientists, architects, inventors and a whole range of other things, this slot stays true to its theme. Apparently set in the Italian countryside, which the famous master called home, the game really does seek to try and recreate the vibe of Italy during the period of the Renaissance. The laid back, serene background offers the perfect soil for the all groundbreaking inventions pictured on the screen. The graphics are very typical for most EGT games, placing them somewhere on the higher end of the average scale. The occasional animation you will see now and again adds to the overall satisfactory impression. Unfortunately, however, this game won’t offer any of Italy’s wonderful musical masterpieces to contribute to the overall cultural vibe. It will make some sounds, as you spin the reels and hit a winning combo, but that will be it.