Neon Dice


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Neon Dice Slot

This slot offers something very few do. Despite EGT’s dice series being a series and circling around the same theme, as series do – there’s still something unique about Neon Dice. You would assume that because it has the word ‘neon’ in its name, you’d be in for an awful, tacky casino setting. Not even close. Perhaps it would qualify as a casino setting, but only a very toned-down one. The theme and design of this game are both incredibly simple, but their simplicity is what makes you just want to keep on looking at it. The background is a very deep, dark emerald green, with some subtle changes in nuance here and there. It’s reminiscent of a pool or casino table, but again very discreet. The frames around the win, balance and other values, as well as the ones around the reels and the sidebars are all in bright neon green. If there’s one thing EGT have proven to be pretty consistent in, it’s their color coordinating skills.  Then of course, we have all the separate icons on the reels glowing in their various neon colors. Each number on the dice represents a different color. They range from yellow, to cyan, to red, purple, green and blue. They pretty much make up the staple palette in EGT’s dice game series. The music in this slot isn’t all too annoying either; though, if you disagree there is always the option of switching it off. In our opinion it does follow the vibe of old-fashioned slots, but not to the point where it becomes corny.