Rolling Dice


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Rolling Dice Slot

The game is yet another in EGT’s series of dice games. Only as opposed to most of the other games in the series, this one doesn’t have a theme. Well, doesn’t have one other than what’s in the title. There’s not backstory, no elaborate symbols to keep you looking at the monitor and trying to figure out what the developers meant by them. There isn’t any of that and Rolling Dice is as simple and basic as they come. However, that’s not to say that it isn’t a treat to look at. By no means are we trying to downplay the design or the graphics in this game. In fact, much on the contrary, we praise them. The color scheme, as is most times the case in these dice slots, is fantastic and the graphics of the symbols will leave you gawking. The dice themselves are in the same colors, as they are throughout the series: blue, green, cyan, yellow, purple and red. Yet, they still appear quite different, from what we’ve grown used to in other EGT games. The dice are see-through, but the colors are a much deeper, darker hue. The whole feel of the game is kind of toned down a bit. Which is great, if you would like to relax and take a break from all the noisy and flashy other slots.