Savanna’s Life


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Savanna’s Life Slot

There’s no double guessing here, if you weren’t sure which meaning to take here. The game is not about someone named Savanna. It’s about the African savanna. And with that being said, it’s nice to have something radically different from what EGT is used to presenting us with. However, just because we welcome the change, doesn’t mean we’re going to go easy on it. Let’s start with the background, as this is probably our favorite part in the design. It looks surprisingly detailed and we can make out a herd of wildebeest and the wings of vultures. In fact, this may even be one of the best backgrounds we’ve seen from this developer so far. As far as the layout and everything else goes, we have pretty mixed feelings. For one, the lesser symbols on the reels could have probably looked better. No, we’re sure of it – they could have looked better. Other icons in Savanna’s Life don’t really look very convincing and their animations might even be making matters worse. By that we mean the lion and the young man launching his spear. Come on, EGT, we’ve seen better. The monkey seems a little lost, whilst the zebra and elephant look satisfactory. But our greatest marvel here is the young woman, who is straight out of a painting. She really looks like a work of art and we’re confused as to how the quality of the icons can be so different in a single game. The soundtrack doesn’t help matters much either. The overpowering animal cries conflict rather badly with the poor excuse for African music.