The Great Egypt


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The Great Egypt Slot

Ancient Egypt – one of the most fascinating chapters in human history. So what better way to re-discover it than play a game of The Great Egypt? This EGT slot game isn’t the most fantastic game we’ve ever seen, that’s for sure. But it’s decent. The graphics aren’t superb and the developers haven’t gone above and beyond in creating a truly breathtaking atmosphere. The background image shows stone slabs with Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on them. The side bars match the sandy theme in their beige and brown colors. Even the soundtrack kind of transports you to the desert land of the pyramids, giving off that slight Middle Eastern vibe. We would have loved to see better graphics in this game, we think the theme deserved them. But, unfortunately, all we see are the rather questionably shaped play card letters. We won’t question the decision of the designers to go with that exact font or color scheme. The other symbols on the reels don’t offer much visual satisfaction, though, either. There are several world famous statues that are depicted on some of them. The cat statue, for example, is among the finest of the lot. A gold statue of the goddess Isis looks also rather nice. But then we have the papyrus scroll, which perhaps could have used a little more definition. And ironically, the higher up in ranking we go, the least favorable the symbols. Both pharaoh representations and that of Cleopatra don’t seem very appealing.