Shifting Wilds
Wild symbols are always a welcome sight when you are playing a slot game. They usually lead to a winning combination that you wouldn’t have otherwise got due to their ability to substitute for other symbols in the game. As slot games become more and more complex, the wild symbol has seen many developments in recent years and this includes the arrival of some variations on the theme and this includes the Shifting Wild.
What is a Shifting Wild?
As you might have guessed from its title, the special ability of the shifting wild is the fact that it can move around the reels.  The problem with the general wild symbol is that you are totally reliant on the spin of the reels for it to appear and then perform its magic and substitute for other symbols in the game. It won’t appear on every spin of the reels so you could go a fair while without it appearing, especially if it only appears on selected reels and isn’t stacked.

A sticky wild means that the wild will stay exactly where it is for the next spin of the reels. You’ll then be hoping that this has some similar symbols end up adjacent to it so winning combinations can be achieved. With the shifting wild though it’s all a little bit different.

How They Work
The wild symbol does stay in play for the next spin of the reels but rather than staying in the position it was in, it moves to a different position on the reels and this can really help you amass some good wins.

Usually the shifting wild only moves one position at a time. Most commonly they start on the final reel and then keep moving to the left. You’ll find that when the shifting wild makes its way to the centre reel the chance of getting more wins increases. Eventually the shifting wild will move all the way to the first reel and then exit the game after the next move. By then it should have done its job and given your account balance a really good boost.

Playtech have been at the forefront of producing games with shifting wilds and a prime example is their game ‘Dolphin Cash’. This only appears on the last of the five reels and after each spin moves to the left until jumping off the reels altogether.

As well as shifting wilds, a variation on the theme is to have shifting reels, this can be seen in the game ‘Robin Hood Shifting Riches’ (NetEnt) which can see you getting continuous wins.

It’s clear then that playing a game that has shifting wilds really can be very beneficial to you. Wild symbols are there to help complete winning combinations and when they are shifting their way along the reels, it’s even better. More possibilities on more spins of the reels can create more winning combinations and that’s more cash in your account balance.