88 Riches


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88 Riches Slot

What could a game with the title of 88 Riches possibly be about? Well, it’s quite difficult to imagine without actually seeing the slot. However, once you load it up, it’s very clear. It’s all about China! Now, maybe you’re wondering what exactly a title of 88 Riches has to do with the Eastern Asian country. Well, it’s actually all to do with the number eight. You see, this is a very special number in China. The word for ‘eight’ in Chinese sounds similar to the word for ‘prosper’ or ‘wealth’. This is why it is held in high regard in the country. In fact, some people see it as being so auspicious that they will pay huge amounts of money to have such numbers assigned to them. For example, back in 2003, a telephone number with all its digits being eights was sold for approximately $280,000 to Sichuan Airlines. And it is this game from Game Art that aims to bring that fortune of the number eight to your screen. It does so with great visual content an overall impressive set of gameplay. So, let’s find out what can be seen on its reels.