Bushido Code


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Bushido Code Slot

To many of us, the word ‘Bushido’ is very unknown, so the overall theme of this slot game may still be unclear. However, allow us to fill you in a little bit on what it means. It’s actually a Japanese term meaning “the way or the moral of the warrior”. It relates to the codified samurai way of life. This “way” comes from the samurai moral values, relating to a combination of various things. These include frugality, loyalty, martial arts master and honour until death. Altogether, there are eight virtues of Bushido. It is this set of values that provides this Game Art slot with its base theme. It also gives players a look at samurai warriors in general too. Now, with it being a slot game from this developer, you’ll get to see some intriguing graphics on screen as well. But, we also want to know about any inclusive special features, After all, a theme that surrounds itself around samurai has strong potential for many of these. So, if you think you’re the kind of person with righteousness, heroic courage and more, then Bushido Code could just be for you.