8 Bit Intruders


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8 Bit Intruders Slot

If you’re not familiar with the term 8-Bit, then allow us to enlighten you a little bit. It relates to computer architecture, and it is one of the earliest data units that computers incorporated. The earliest of such was found in the 1972 creation of the 8008 Processor from Intel. These 8-Bit units would create images that by today’s standards would definitely be considered as primitive. However, some of the earliest video games were created in the 8-Bit format, including Space Invaders and Tetris. This slot offering from Genesis brings that early imagery back to its reels, although in the nicest possible way. The graphics are nice enough, presenting a very impressive collection of icons upon the game’s reels. And in that instance, it also presents a retro view throughout. Not only that, but you will also get to hear a very appropriate soundtrack as you play. It’s exactly the type of music that could be heard in games of this nature. And Genesis has also made sure to add some special features into 8 Bit Intruders too. These make it infinitely more intriguing to you to play.