Alaxe in Zombieland


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Alaxe in Zombieland Slot

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written by Lewis Carroll in 1865 and has become a much loved book for both children and adults in the century and a half since. The story has seen adaptations produced on both the big and small screen, at the theatre and in gaming, including of course online casinos. However, it’s a sure bet that no adaptation is quite like this one – Alice now a Zombie Hunter called Alaxe and facing several foes, including a green faced Mad Hatter who removes his hat to reveal his brain and a Cheshire Cat with teeth large enough to devour most of Wonderland.

Zombieland is a graveyard at night with gravestones jutting out of the ground at strange angles in the mist. The reels are framed by two large gothic pillars at both sides and the blood red title of the slot above. The character symbols at the game are all drawn in a slightly malevolent cartoon style, Alaxe herself looking particularly mean, and these are joined by the playing card symbols that act as head stones with a pair of shining eyes. Whilst playing you are accompanied by a fitting mixture of film like sound effects, some being quirky, while some are a little darker – all ideal for this slot.