Booty Time


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Booty Time Slot Machine

When you think of a pirate ship, it would usually be one which is manned by a number of rum swigging individuals who are either lacking limbs or eyes. They would all have something of a scary air too, as at any moment you might be facing the wrong end of a sword, or be walking along the plank. However, you won’t have these worries here – this is Captain Squawks’ pirate ship, a rather genial looking parrot that is much more likely to hand you treasure than see you get a soaking! The highlight of this slot is the interactive free spins feature, where you’ll be much more involved than at a standard feature.

This game is set against the backdrop of a ship on the high seas, the decking of the ship in view while two red flags fly in the wind either side of the impressive looking title. The reels encompass the majority of the screen, each symbol having a wooden backing. The majority of the symbols are the playing card letters and numbers, each of these imprinted onto a flag on top of a coin. Captain Squawk appears on the three of the symbols in cartoon style pictures, this giving the slot a fun air and is joined by treasure and a flagon of rum (with the skull and crossbones appropriately on the bottle). Each spin is accompanied by a Spanish style guitar tune – not one you might expect at a pirate based slot, but it most definitely works!