Carnaval Cash


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Carnaval Cash Slot

Carnivals are a great place to get into a total party zone – and you may be wondering why Genesis has chosen to misspell the title of this slot game. After all, it’s carnival, right? Not carnaval. Well, wonder no more. Because we have the answer for you. In Brazil, there is something known as the Carnival of Brazil, and in Portuguese, this reads as Carnaval do Brasil. Therefore, the developer has chosen to go with the traditional Portuguese spelling of the word instead. This festival is held between the Friday afternoon and Ash Wednesday at noon, marking the beginning of Lent. In fact, Rio de Janeiro’s carnival is the largest in the world! And while this game does bring some Brazilian flavour to its reels, it all actually takes place at the beach. You’ll get to see clear blue waters and sandy shores on display as part of the background. And there’s also a bit of a tropical-sounding theme tune in the game too. Add the impressive graphics of this developer into all of that, and Carnaval Cash provides players with a welcoming offering.