Cash Cauldron


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Cash Cauldron Slot

The Cash Cauldron slot is a feature rich game that transports you back to the days when Druids roamed the land and magic was seen to be a way of life. This slot has three central characters. Firstly there is a purple hooded lady who spins a spell with her palm, a circle of light emanating from her hand. Then there is the green clad female, who works her magic with an orb of light that appears between her hands. Finally there is the white bearded male who uses a staff to weave his magic. The highlight of the slot is the free spins round, but you’ll find many randomly awarded features throughout, where wins will come thick and fast.

This slot appears to take place in a dwelling where the three characters would practice their sorcery. Ancient writing appears on the golden walls while sparkling crystals float in the air – the reels encompassing much of the screen in front of the dwelling. Alongside the three characters on the reels you’ll find a cauldron and a blue porcelain container, as well as the playing card symbols which appear against a heraldic design. The accompanying sound to each spin has a suitably medieval and magical feel, only enhancing the experience.