Crosstown Chicken


$7,777 welcome package
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Crosstown Chicken Slot

Did you ever hear the joke (or the slew of jokes) that starts with the line, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” before? Well, if so, then as soon as you load this Genesis slot up, it will look like the digital incarnation of such jokes. At one side of the reels, you’ll be able to see the chickens, and the reels work as the traffic on a busy road. It’s actually quite an ingeniously crafted slot game, with the theme being the first of its many perks. As well as this, the game features some very nice graphics from Genesis, providing you with a very appealing slot from the get go. And just wait until you start seeing and activating the special features of it. All in all, Crosstown Chicken makes for a very appealing slot offering on just about all levels. So, are you actually ready to find out why the chicken crossed the road? Or, rather, you may want to be the reason as to why it gets to the other side. You see, it’s all part of what helps you to reach a golden egg – and we all know what gold brings!