Dinosaur Adventure


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Dinosaur Adventure Slot

Dinosaurs, without a shadow of a doubt, are one of the most overlooked themes for online slot games. Sure, there are a few different ones out there, but nowhere near as many as there should be. Perhaps we’re just big geeky fans of the ancient creatures, but in any event, there can’t ever be too many dinosaur games. And Genesis Gaming has one of its own to add to the collection in Dinosaur Adventure. It’s almost like reliving the whole Jurassic Park scenario. You’ll get to visit a world where the dinosaurs have not been wiped out. Instead, they roam the lands freely. And while that could be such a sight to marvel at on one hand, on the other it could be the most terrifying thing to happen. Just imagine coming face to face (or rather face to leg) with a Tyrannosaurus Rex, for example. Not altogether such a friendly scene would ensue, we’re sure. So, let’s find out how to evade the ferocious beasts in this Genesis slot. And then, you’ll be able to watch them from a safe location.