Dragon Slayers


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Dragon Slayers Slot

Who’s in the mood for slaying some vicious dragons? If you’re one of the many who would like to join the dragon slaying crew, then check out this Genesis slot. It highlights the armoured troop who will take all of the risks. Go through all of the danger. And put their own lives on the line to make their towns and cities safe. The Dragon Slayers. Of course, they team are always looking for new recruits to join their seemingly everlasting crusade. And you could very well be the next person that becomes a part of the group. Now, even if you don’t come with the ability to wield a sword. Or fire an arrow accurately. Or even cast some magic. That doesn’t matter. Because you’ll have something great on your side to make up for all of that. The Genesis special features of this slot game! So, you’ll definitely make a great addition to the Dragon Slayers team. And this game provides you with some very impressive graphics as well as intriguing gameplay throughout. Therefore, you’ll have both a visual treat to play, as well as thoroughly entertaining spinning. So, let’s find out exactly what you’re able to benefit from in this one.