Dragon’s Scroll


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Dragon’s Scroll Slot

Dragons, as you may know, are quite synonymous with the orient. There’s even a Chinese zodiac sign that pertains to the dragon too. And it is this kind of dragon that makes its way to the forefront of this Genesis slot. The game definitely has a very Eastern feel to it, with the graphics further enhancing this. And not only that, but the developer has made sure to add a couple of special features for you to benefit from too. In essence, from a first impression point of view, Dragon’s Scroll is definitely a very welcoming game. And once you locate the scroll, you will find the secrets of the dragons of this land. In order to find this scroll though, you need to ascend into the skies. This is where the game takes place, with clouds and blue skies able to be seen clearly. Of course, you will need to try and evade any oncoming dragons. They have the potential to direct masses of flames towards you. However, let’s find out about the Genesis additions to this slot to help you avoid them.