Drone Wars


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Drone Wars Slot

The Drone Wars slot is set in space, where Drones threaten the existence of the human race. The game looks ahead to a somewhat strangely imagined future, where sophisticated ‘Tron’ like gadgetry is met with 1950’s style Ray-Guns and space ships that might have been found in the ‘Eagle’ comic. The drones themselves are slightly similar to those found in the Battlestar Galactica series, each with a single red strobing eye. This slot has two particular features – one a free spins round, the other where you’ll actually take on the drones by zapping them out of the sky.

Despite the futuristic theme, the appearance of the slot looks a little dated as the graphics are quite basic, making it look something like a very early computer game – this might actually be intended however and in a strange way it works. The control panel to the slot looks more impressive and the shoot-em-up feature round takes it up another notch. The predominant colour of the game is blue, the backdrop to the game being the vast reaches of space. Each spin is accompanied with a film score style track; these intertwined with robot style sounds throughout.