East of the Sun, West of the Moon


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East of the Sun, West of the Moon Slots

East of the Sun, West of the Moon is a Norwegian fairy-tale about a farmer who gives his daughter to a white bear in promise of making him rich. The white bear is actually a prince and the fairy-tale is a love story between the two, but like any good story, there are wicked characters along the way, this one including a wicked stepmother and her hideous troll of a daughter. This Genesis slot includes many aspects of the story on the reels, including the bear, the daughter and the troll princess, as well as a map showing the four compass points. The highlight of the game is the free spins bonus round where you’ll take a spin of the winter wheel.

In the background to the reels you’ll see trees coloured white by the snow and ice, the sky split between the sunlit eastern half and the quarter moon which shines in the night sky to the west. The reels are housed within a stone dwelling, each symbol being a perfect square. The character symbols are all nicely drawn, with the daughter and the white bear both looking out from the reels with a sad air, this complemented perfectly by the mournful choir that accompanies each spin. Only the wicked troll princess looks happy, a grimace distorting her unsightly features.