Game of Swords


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Game of Swords Slot

It’s clear to see what an influence the Game of Thrones television series has had on modern culture. Since the A Song of Ice and Fire books were adapted into the TV show, there have been several similar media offerings. Shows like The Last Kingdom and many others have built on that medieval vibe to bring forth successful television programmes. And the buzz has also found itself spilling over into the gaming industry. Many video games have been brought to light with such a theme, and there are also a few slot games in this category too. Game of Swords from Genesis Gaming is one such offering. It’s very clear to see the influence behind this one – and to hear it as well. There’s a piece of soundtrack music that plays which will instantly make you think of the television show. And each of the characters that appear as icons in this slot also appear to be from a different house. The only question we have, is can it provide as many thrills as the TV show? Well, Genesis has made sure to add a couple of special features into it for you to enjoy. So, let’s find out more about these and the game on the whole.