Hansel and Gretel


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Hansel and Gretel Slot

Hansel and Gretel has to be one of the oldest folk lore tales ever told. If you haven’t heard it, then we shall swiftly provide you details of the plot line. Hansel and Gretel are brother and sister, born to a woodcutter. However, when famine sets in on the land, the woodcutter’s second wife chooses to take the siblings into the woods and abandon them there. This is all because she believes that the children eat too much. Hansel and Gretel, lost and afraid in the woods, then come across a large cottage. However, this cottage is made of gingerbread, cakes, candy and with window panes of clear sugar. The children are then lured inside the house (after eating their fill of it) by an old woman. It turns out that this old woman is actually a witch, who cooks children alive and eats them. Her attempts at eating the siblings though, goes terribly wrong when Gretel forces her into the oven, burning her alive. This folk lore tale is brought to life upon the reels of this Genesis slot game, and it’s done so with stellar graphics and gameplay. Let’s take a closer look at it to find out more.