Haunted Night


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Haunted Night Slot Machine

With the name Haunted Night, you might think this slot is a particularly scary one. However you’ll realise immediately that this is a fun slot that does scary in a Scooby Doo style as opposed to a more spooky horror film. The symbols on the reels feature floating sheet like ghosts, black cats, much more attractive than usual witches and a carved pumpkin, these earning you more wins than usual due to the ‘All Pays’ format employed at this slot. You’ll also find two separate feature rounds which add some nice variety to the game.

The setting for the game is a rather spooky forest at night, with gnarled trees to either side of the reels. There is a thick fog in the air, but look closely and you’ll see the faint silhouette of the Grim Reaper walking from left to right and back again through the forest. Insects, spiders and bats also appear in various places, while the playing card symbols on the reels are all backed with spider’s webs. The other symbols are all drawn in a cartoon style giving the slot an element of humour, while the accompanying sound is certainly ideal for a horror themed slot.