Jekyll and Hyde


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Jekyll and Hyde Slot

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde first came to prominence in 1886, when they appeared in a novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. In the story, Dr. Jekyll was prone to evil urges, so he invented a potion to suppress them. Unfortunately this potion had the opposite effect – his alter ego Mr. Hyde taking over and becoming an all-powerful, evil monster. This Genesis slot tells the story of the two (one?) characters – Dr. Jekyll appearing throughout, while Mr. Hyde makes his grisly appearance throughout the free spins feature round.

Alongside Dr. Jekyll, on the reels you’ll find his beautiful dark haired love interest, a bottle of purple poison and some test tubes containing various brightly coloured potions. These are joined by the playing card symbols, all of these drawn as if in a cloud of coloured gas floating in the air – the Mr. Hyde part of the title drawn in exactly the same, mysterious way. To add some respectability, the Dr. Jekyll part of the title is in bold, golden sparkling lettering, although the globule of blood between the two names certainly adds a sinister air to the slot. Each spin is accompanied by a tension building soundbite, much like you might find at a horror movie of old.