Mystique Grove


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Mystique Grove Slots

Mystique Grove is a slot with a whimsical feel, featuring a strange mix of characters. There is a strange, slightly haunting female figure inside a mirror who is joined by a wide eyed owl who surveys the scene all around. The most striking of the characters however are the two fairies, resembling Tinkerbell and her winged friend Rosetta. However, these two fairies have grown up – not looking quite as innocent as the Disney versions. Somewhat unusually, this slot doesn’t feature a free spins round, although with the ‘All Pays’ format and the pick-em feature, there is plenty to keep you interested throughout.

The tree to the right of the reels is where all of the action stems from. This is clearly the home of the fairies, as a window is built into the tree and a slide twirls around the tree to the bottom. The sun slants in and lights the branches that stretch out to the left of the tree and this is where the reels work their magic. Each symbol is neatly housed in a circle, making for a very neat looking game, which is complemented by the splashes of colour against the predominantly green background. Each spin is accompanied by a dream like sound, featuring a mixture of bells, a harp and stringed instruments, which adds to the mysterious theme of the slot.