Path of the Wizard


$7,777 welcome package
Deposit $100 & Get $400 Free
200% UP TO $5000


Path of the Wizard Slot

Your immediate thought when playing a wizard themed slot is that the central character of the game will either be a wise looking elderly man with a long white beard, or that the slot might go down the Harry Potter route and feature a much younger sorcerer. This slot does neither however. This slot is a very dark one, with a hooded, druid-like wizard, who holds a staff in one hand, while producing fire between the fingers of his other. He is joined on the reels by a metal clad warrior, with light emitting outward from his helmet, giving him a futuristic air. You’ll also find a somewhat unusual dragon which breathes fire as usual, but has ram-like horns, giving it a very distinctive look. The final character on the reels is a purple haired and clothed fairy, who holds a glowing ball of green light, looking at it in wonder.

This genesis slot has a distinguishing burgundy colouring both as the backing to the reels and the backdrop to the game. At the top of each end of the reels sits a burning flame, while the title flashes in and out of prominence between. The character symbols on the reels are designed in a way you might expect to see in a role playing game or app and these are joined by the playing card symbols which make up the majority of the symbols. Overall, the slot is extremely dark, perhaps too much at times, but this does fit with the theme. Each spin is accompanied by the slightly magical sound of stringed instruments, adding another layer of mystery to the slot.